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Art class on the move

Visit to the art galleryThe second year art students and Ms Gargan went to see the Louis le Brocquy prints which were on show at the newly opened Art Gallery in The Square in Tallaght. The students  were shown around the gallery, discussed the print work on show, and had a look at print work of other artists. Then they designed their own dry point plate to print. The students used an etching needle to scratch out their design onto a piece of transparent  perspex. The students used a piece of scrim to wipe printing ink into the plate and then wipe it back off again so that the ink only stayed in the drawing they scratched out. There was an artist on hand to help the students use the printing press, and line up the dampened paper with the printing plate, along with making sure the pressure on each print was correct.

Louis le Brocquy is a self-taught Irish artist who is internationally known for his paintings, print work, and story-telling. His career spans seventy years and he is the only living artist to have his work in the permanent Irish collection of the National Gallery. The students in TCS were lucky to be inspired, and see the work of such a great Irish artist.

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