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BOM Commendations

scrollCongratulations to all the students who received their Commendation Awards  for Term 1.  The Chairman of the Board, Cllr Mick Duff, presented the overall award for each year group at a ceremony on 22 November in the presence of the Board members and the families of each recipient.  

1st Year:  Rachael Callery, Jake Dalton, Bronwyn Hanrahan

2nd Year: Dane Pendar Lawlor, Chandelle, Trudy Nolan,  Abbie Keely

3rd Year: Abbie Walsh, Adam Nolan, Levente Kolozsvári, Zak Riddell

TY: Evan Crowley, Tori Stokes, Alex Clarke, Daniel Butler

LCA 5 & 6: Chloe Creighton, Craig Hughes, Kellie O'Brien, Scott Fenlon O’Brien, Kristian Markovic

5th Year: Sophie Dowling , Hannah Dunning, Joseph Greene, Megan Tate

6th Year: Abby Drew, Sophie Clarke, Aaron Joyce, David Corcoran

Pics here