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JC students activities

paired-readThe students of 1 Beech and 2 Beech who took part in a JCSP  Paired Reading Initiative with the students of TY4. Paired Reading is a short-team reading intervention. The TY students acted as tutors to the younger students. The initiative ran for 4 weeks and was very successful. 3 Shannon will complete the initiative with the students in St Aonghusa's Junior School next term. Well done to all involved.

The students of 1 Beech took part in a Paired Maths initiative with two parents who volunteered. It was run in conjunction with HSCL team. The students found it very helpful and worked very well with the parents.

And the 1 Beech class celebrated the conclusion of a fruitful first term by having a Christmas Celebration, to which they invited parents/guardians and class teachers. The great work done by the students during the term was put on display and certificates were awarded for completion of modules during the term. Pics here