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Active Schools Wellbeing Week 2017

What a week!

On Tuesday the 17th of January, 1st year students took part in Drop Everything and Move. The students participated in an energetic Zumba class. A big thank you goes out to Ms Martin who had the students performing dance moves that could easily rival anything seen on dancing with the stars!

active-wellbeing2017-1A BIG thank you and well done to all those who participated in today's Drop Everything And Move activity. On Monday the 16th of January the sixth year student's at TCS rose to the fitness challenge presented to them by Bootcamp Ireland. The sixth year students gave the 60-minute, military-style workout all they had. There was a lot of sweat and some laughs along the way. A great kickstart to a more active 2017.

On Tuesday 17th January the second year students completed the Climb the Heights Skipping Challenge. Each class group competed in a head to head battle to see who could achieve the most amount of skips.
Each pair of students alternated their skipping during two ten minute skipping sessions. Each skip equalled 1m.The students completed a record sheet to discover the tallest mountain that they had climbed. The competition definitely brought out in best in all the classes!


active-wellbeing2017-2On Wednesday 18th January the third year students took part in a Walk-a-mile-with-a-Smile programme promoting activity and positive well-being within the school community. The students walked a loop around Tymon Park along with fun props and music.

All students really embraced the feeling on the day and enjoyed participating in the walk. Each class completed a full mile which they tracked on the healthy living app, which has increased their awareness of the amount of steps they should take each day. The walk encompassed 2.2km and almost 3,000 steps. All students seemed to benefit from the fresh air and fun!

Poster winner 2017Making the link between regular physical activity and wellbeing has been a key theme during the week. A poster competition held duing the week allowed students to illustrate their understanding of that link. Well done to the winners of the poster competition. And another aspect of wellbeing was demonstrated on Tuesday - doing something for others. The TYs and Ms Conlon cooked and served pancakes and raised €136.40 which will be donated to charity.

On Thursday the 19th and Friday the 20th of January, the 4th year, 5th year and LCA5 students participated in a series of spin/circuit classes led by Ms Nicholson and Mr Boran. These tough interval based classes finished off what was a hugely successful Active and Well-being week at TCS. Well done to all who participated, and congratulations to both students and staff who helped make the week a great success.

And just because the week is over, the business of being active is not. Keep up with ongoing activities on the TCS-Active blog