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Shakespearean Theatre

TCS students at Smock Ally

Second and Third year students were lucky enough to see a performance of their Shakespearean play, The Merchant of Venice on Thursday, 19th January. The play was performed by actors from The Gaiety School of Acting at Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin.

Students were treated to a performance of the play with a contemporary twist as all of the actors were dressed in modern costume, with contemporary props and set design. Students of 3 Oak, Rowan, Elm, Beech and 2 Oak and Cedar all agreed that the experience of a live performance greatly enhanced their understanding of the play. After all, Shakespeare originally wrote each of his plays to entertain audiences in a live setting. We felt privileged to be part of such an audience.

In fact, Tallaght Community School had exclusive use of the theatre. The lead actor playing Shylock spoke from the stage at the end of the play. He praised our students for their respectful participation and engagement throughout the day. We were very pleased to hear that we were 'the best audience so far'!

The play was followed by a workshop which the cast of the play were responsible for leading. It was fun to discuss the key themes of the play with the actors and to hear their thoughts. For example, we shared our ideas about what motivates Shylock's thirst for revenge and why Antonio treats the Jew with such contempt.

We were asked to tweet our competition entry and even won a prize for the best emojis to describe a chosen character. The workbooks provided were helpful in learning about characters, themes and important quotes.

The day was hugely enjoyable and a great success. We are looking forward to visiting the theatre again next year!