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3 Larch at GPO & DSPCA


3 Larch DSPCA visit and visit to the GPO.

On Friday October 6th the students of 3 Larch visited the DSPCA centre in Rathfarnham as part of their CSPE Action project. During the trip they were given a talk by Lisa, one of the volunteers who works there. She explained the different types of work the centre does and she answered some of the questions we had. We visited the section where the dogs who are available for adoption were housed. We were very lucky to meet Sunshine, a dog who along with her ten pups was rescued in the summer.  We also met two of her pups who are yet to be adopted - we were allowed hold the pups and they really loved the attention.

Lisa also pointed out that we can volunteer in the centre when we are 16 years of age and could do our TY work experience there too.

After that we went into town to visit the Witness History Exhibition at the GPO office. Here we saw an exhibition of memorabilia from the Rising and we were given a tour by the tour guide, Amy. Pics