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Trinity Awards 2018

TCS TA awards 2018

TCS Students Receive TAP Educational Achievement Awards

Six Tallaght Community School students received Educational Achievement Awards organised by the Trinity Access Programme in a ceremony held in Trinity College on Wednesday, 2nd of May. These awards are in recognition of their academic excellence and hard work in school and are given to Junior Cycle and Transition Year students (13 - 16 year olds) in schools linked to the Trinity Access Programmes (TAP).

Jack Keatinge 5B and Katie O’ Neill 5C received their awards for demonstrating the spirit of mentoring to their fellow students and classmates. Sinead Burke 2Cedar, Dean Gooding 2Cedar and Patrucja Palka 1Cedar achieved the awards for their academic diligence

In addition to the TAP Educational Achievement Awards one Tallaght Community School student was selected as a recipient of the Salters Sterling Gold Medal Award.  Salters Sterling, a former staff member of TCD and a founding member of the Trinity Access Programmes, was a visionary who was committed to opening up Trinity College to a more diverse student body.

Megan Kelly TY6 received this year’s Salter Sterling Gold medal award for the spirit of Transition Year. Megan was selected for the Salters Sterling Gold Medal Award as she has shown a great sense of civic-mindedness and purposefulness in class, her school and community, standing out as a leader of tomorrow. Congratulations to all.