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Caith Amach É as TCS

Ga801eilge 2018

High Rock Productions presented Caith Amach É, a smash hit comedy based on the Leaving Cert Irish Oral picture sequences for 6th years in TCS on Wednesday 7th of November.  Caith Amach É is a fast-paced, physical, comic sketch show covering each of the 20 sraith pictiúir for the 2018 Leaving Cert Irish Oral Examination. The show uses a unique mix of theatrical devices such as clown, puppetry, music and audience interaction to bring the sraithpictiúir to life. Started in 2011, Caith Amach É has been touring schools and Theatres and been seen by over 27,000 students in 26 counties and acclaimed by students and teachers alike for inspiring attendees to enjoy learning Irish. Pics