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German students at IFI

German class

TY and 5th Year German Trip

On Thursday the 12th of October, 37 students from both Transition Year and 5th Year German classes went to the city centre via school bus to the IFI (Irish Film Institute) to see a new movie from Germany which is called “Goodbye Berlin”, a movie about two boys who embark on a journey over the summer holidays in a stolen Lada Niva vehicle. The movie began at roughly 10:30. Many schools had gathered to see the movie. Overall, all students thought the movie was great but many had opinions about the ending, some liked it and some didn't.

Next the students split up for a 30 minute lunch break to relax after the movie. Once lunch was over, everyone gathered and all began their way down to the National Gallery to view exhibits made by famous German artists such as Käthe Kollwitz and Gabriele Münter, the students were split into two groups and were both given a guide who took us on a tour of the entire gallery. They showed us the many different famous paintings of German artist from the times of before World War 1 until World War 2. The students enjoyed the overall visit. We finished the tour by taking a few group pictures. Then all students made their own way home. Pics

- Eimantas Adzgauskas, TY


TCS to make contact with ISS

TCS students to talk to International Space Station (ISS)


Students in Tallaght Community School are scheduled to contact the International Space Station on Thursday 19th October at 13:48 Irish Time. The event will be streamed live via:

Students from TCS will make history, as they have been announced as the first Irish school who will make direct radio contact with the International Space Station (ISS) while in orbit.  This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is part of the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station programme (ARISS), which will see Irish students speaking with Italian Astronaut Paulo Nespoli while he orbits the Earth on the ISS.

ARISS is a global voluntary group that formalised a programme for utilising radio equipment on-board the ISS as a channel for further educating schools across the world on the work of the international space programme, life on-board the ISS, expeditions which astronauts are undertaking and amateur radio.


Parent Teacher Meeting 6th Year

The 6th Year Parent Teacher Meeting takes place on Thursday 19 Oct from 4.00 to 6.30 pm.  Please note that classes will finish at 3.30 pm.  After-school study and Homework Club will go ahead as normal.


TCS at TA21 Conference


Trinity College and Google hosted the Trintiy Access 21 Conference on 06/07 October and was attended by representatives from TCS. TCS is committed to continuing its strong links to Trinity College as the educational partnership evolves into its next phase of growth.  Merging the College for Every Student and Trinity Access Programme into Trinity Access 21 (TA21) will see a streamlined approach to integrating best practice in student education and development into school activities.


DES orders continued closure

Following the order from the Department of Education and Skills, TCS will remain closed on Tuesday 17 Oct. Stay safe everyone.

TCS at Concern Debates 2017

TCS Debate success

This year some of our Transition Year students are taking part in Concern’s debating competition. It is a competition where student get the opportunity to debate against other schools on issues about the developing world and human rights. Our transition years involved were new to debating and so they got started with a training day with Concern. This was a great opportunity for them to learn about what it means to be a debater but also to start thinking about development issues and the developing world. Students took part in some great activities and got to meet some fellow debaters from the Dublin area. So far our debaters have been successful and have secured three unanimous wins. First our team travelled to St. Columba’s college. There they opposed and defeated the motion that ‘to end world hunger the world must embrace GMO’s’. Next the team were on home turf and welcomed The High school Rathgar. They proposed and carried the motion ‘for women to access leadership positions, gender quotas must be implemented’. Their most recent debate was against Coláiste Éanna CBS and the team proposed and carried the motion ‘Young people today are indifferent to the problems of the developing world.’ Our debate team include Megan Kelly, Lee Cairnduff, Abbie Walsh and Cían Farrell. They are also helped by the debate research team; Cindy Edem, Claire Edem, Luke O Gorman, Precious Adeyole, Hala Maowi and Shane Lee. Well done to all involved and best of luck in future debates. Pics


MFL Week 2017

mfl2017Languages Week celebrations

At the end of September in TCS we celebrated Languages Week. This is a week where students of Spanish, French and German engage in various fun activities using their language skills. Activities this year ranged from karaoke, quizzes, movies, giant language jigsaws, salsa dancing, puzzles, Spanish for holidays and travel, documentaries and many more. The week was very enjoyable for students and teachers. Pics