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Stephen Meehan RIP

Eddie Grimes, teacher and coach,  remembers past pupil Stephen Meehan who died suddenly on 13 April 2012.

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On her way to the USA

Congratulations and Bon Voyage!

Here at TCS, we are always delighted to hear from past pupils. Hearing how their studies or lives pan out is always interesting, and none more so than the path that Shauna Griffin is about to take. Shauna graduated last May from TCS with a huge accolade under her belt as "Sportstar of the Year 2011". She left us safe in the knowledge that she had her college place secure through interviews, trials and good grades. This was a great achievement in itself and she went on to excel in her Leaving Cert.

Exams on the horizon

As exams approach, students and teachers may be interested to know about two sites that are making revision materials and aids available free online.

The first is which has been around for a few years now but has recently launched a free app for iPhone and Android - learn anywhere anytime!

The other site is still in beta stage, but has a lot of expertise behind it and again the stuff is free. Worth a look -

Interfaith Week 26-30 March



TCS Interfaith Week
26th – 30th March 2012
Throughout the coming week our whole school will engage in a variety of activities aimed at exploring our knowledge and understanding of the various faith traditions that exist in our world today and are represented in our own school community.
Activities include: Kosher & Halal Cookery, Religious Chants from around the World, Guest Speakers, Movies, The Big Religion Quiz, Prayer Services and much more.

Test healthy lifestyle

PE teacher, Mr O'Sullivan, is currently carrying out a survey about health-related lifestyles choices and activities amongst the school student body.  All the questionnaires are short, easy to complete and online.


JCSP 2011-12

1shannon_dayout20121 Shannon's Day Out

Our class, 1 Shannon went on a trip to the JCSP Make a Book Exhibition in the Civic Offices in Dublin. After that we went to Dublin Zoo. Two of our teachers, Ms Gilleran and Ms O Dwyer came with us. Two students from Transition Year, Aaron and Nikita came too.

When my class went to the Make a Book Exhibition we saw loads of different types of books and models. We had a class photo taken when we arrived. Our book on our novel ‘The Twelfth Day of July’ was on display on the first floor.


Swimming Gala 2012

swim0312The annual CCSSCA swimming gala was held in Tallaght Community School on Thursday March 8th 2012. TCS students were successful in a number of very competitive events on the day.

We would like to congratulate the following students.

Courtney McCabe who was 3rd in the 2nd year girls front crawl event

Anthony Hopper who was 2nd in the 2nd year boys front crawl event

Chantelle McDermot who was 3rd in the 2nd year girls back crawl event

Evan Coughlan who was 2nd in the 2nd year boys back crawl event

David Toolan who was 3rd in the 2nd year boys breaststroke event

Gavin Hickey who was 2nd in the senior boys front crawl event

Stephen Moloney who was 2nd in the senior boys breaststroke event

The 1st year boys relay team who came 3rd

The 2nd year  boys relay team who came 2nd

The senior boys relay team who came 1st

Well done to all. Pics Smile