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1st Year Girls' Gaelic

First Year Girls' Gaelic Team in Match Thriller!

Well done to our First Year Girls' Gaelic football team who gave a very strong performance against St.Mark's CS on Wed 21 March, 2018.The girls were down by 7 points at half time but came back in the second-half to get a draw! They showed great perseverance and bravery and made us very proud! The final score was 5-7 to 5-7. Great battling ladies!

1 Beech make a book

tcs 1 beech

1 Beech got together with their Art teacher, Ms Gargan, and looked at the work of Vincent Van Gogh. They examined some of Van Gogh’s Paintings including ‘Sunflowers’, 'Starry Night’ and his ‘Self-portrait’.  They looked closely at the colours he used and his painting style of short brush strokes. The class was so inspired by Van Gogh’s work, everyone did their own self portrait which is included in the book.

The class then discussed and made a list of questions they would like to ask Van Gogh if he was alive today. They went to the computer room and used Internet sources to find the answer to their questions.

Back to the art room and they took another close look at Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ painting. Each person made a ceramic sunflower to put into a vase on a Van Gogh painting. Well done all!

They went to the Make-a-Book exhibition where they presented their composition.  Pics

Boys Basketball Update 2018

We're coming to the end of the Boys' Basketball season and we are delighted that our two Junior teams have reached the knock-out stages of their competitions.  The boys have been training well since December 2017 and the hard work has paid off.

TCS 2nd year Basketball Team

Our Second Year Boys' Team have done very well this year and by finishing fourth in Leinster (East division) they have qualified for the All-Ireland playoffs.  This means we have finished in the top 16 in all of Ireland in our division, a fantastic achievement. 

TCS 1st year Basketball Team

Our first year boys' team are through to the Dublin Plate semi-final, this team is showing great potential and are one to watch for the future.


TCS Concern Debate Team Progress

We would like to congratulate our Transition Year debaters who are now through to the quarter finals of the Concern Debates competition. On the 7th of March, our students travelle to Loreto Abbey Dalkey for the knock-out phase of the competition. The TCS team opposed the motion 'To achieve the SDGs, the Robin Hood tax must be adopted globally'. It was an exciting and dynamic debate against a great Loreto team. Despite the best efforts of Loreto, the motion was defeated securing victory for Tallaght Community School. This now leaves TCS in the final eight schools in the country.

To get to this stage, our debaters have done us proud with five unanimous wins. The TCS team have faced strong competition along the way and have debated against St. Columba's College, The High School Rathgar, Presentation Rathfarnham and St. David's CBS in Artane.  In addition to debating successes which are the result of excellent research, speech writing, rebuttals and presentation skills, the team have enjoyed learning about development issues, ranging from world hunger to gender equality.

The TCS Concern Debate Team consists of speakers and researchers and we would like to wish them well as they proceed to the final eight. Well done and best of luck to all of our students who take part, both speakers and researchers, including Megan Kelly, Lee Cairnduff, Cindy Edem, Cian Farrell, Abbie Walsh, Claire Edem, Luke Gorman, Shane Lee, Hala Moawi and Precious Adeloye.


TCS at Concern Debates Quarter-final

Best of luck to the TCS Concern Debate team who take on St Fintan's High School, Sutton, on Wed 21 March in the Concern HQ, Camden St.  The debate is now at the quarter-final stage and commences at 7.00 pm. The motion for debate is "Globalisation is a force for good". TCS will be opposing the motion. Supporters welcome.


LCA5 Community Trip

LCA5 at Tallaght Library
On Thursday the 15th of March 2018, our LCA 5 Social Education class went on a class trip with their teachers Mr Cleary and Mr Doherty. They walked from the School down to Tallaght Village and Library. As part of their trip, the students noted the local amenities and were given a tour of Tallaght Library, with a focus on the local history section. The trip was enjoyable and will help the students with future tasks in their Social Education module.  Pics

AILO 2018

'TCS Four' go to All-Ireland Linguistics Olympiad Final

Congratulations to James Gooding (6th Year), Luke Hayes (TY), Adam Nolan (TY) and Darren Scanlon (5th Year) who qualified for this year’s All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad (AILO) final. They were among the top 100 problem solvers in Ireland. This year over 1.300 students took part in Round 1 of the Linguistics Olympiad. AILO is run by the ADAPT Centre, a leading international research centre for Content Technologies based at TCD, DCU, UCD and DIT.
James, Luke, Adam and Darren will represent Tallaght Community School in the All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad final on Tuesday, 13 March, in DIT. On the day there will be a two-hour individual competition in the morning and a two-hour team competition in the afternoon. The top four students in the individual round at the national final will qualify to represent Ireland at the International Linguistics Olympiad (OL) in Prague.