HSCL explained


The relationship between Tallaght Community School and parents is of fundamental importance.

So far as is possible Tallaght Community School endeavours to operate an “open door” policy for parents.

Formal reports on pupils’ progress are issued twice yearly. Our school also has an internal reporting system and parents are contacted should problems be anticipated or arise.

Parent-Teacher meetings give parents the opportunity to meet with all subject teachers.


The Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) scheme for Tallaght Community School is based on a strong partnership and respect between home, school and the wider community area.

It is inclusive of everyone in the school community and works to deliver the best education for all pupils and their families.

We aim to maximise participation of children and their parents/guardians in school life and promote awareness in parents of their own capabilities.  We actively encourage parents to engage in the classes and programmes provided for them.

Parents play a major role in supporting the work of the teachers and it is the policy of Tallaght Community School to welcome parents into the school at all times. Our HSCL Co-ordinator will visit parents in their homes thus allowing them to voice their views and concerns in a relaxed environment.

The HSCL scheme involves the school in the life of the local community and has established strong links with many local agencies and groups.  We are always open to new suggestions and welcome any opportunities to engage with the community.

- Cushla Young, HSCL co-ordinator