As it was in the beginning

As it was in the beginning - Page 4

In a complimentary article in the Irish Times March 31, 1976 the late educational correspondent Christina Murphy wrote:

“……Tallaght was the first of the community schools in Ireland, established among a ballyhoo of publicity and controversy, and a level of acrimonious debate seldom before witnessed in the educational field. Now, three years later, Tallaght is a thriving community school in the middle of a sprawling satellite town of 40,000 people. To go to Tallaght community school on a Thursday night is to witness what community education is all about. Hundreds of cars jam the car park and driveways, football teams play under footlights, the gym is crowded, workers from a local factory splash around in the swimming pool, a residents’ association is meeting in a classroom, 45 primary teachers have just completed a PE training class, and many people are coming and going to adult education classes on management, cooking, public speaking, hobbies and half a dozen other subjects. There’s a real busy-bee atmosphere, and you get the feeling that here is a school which is really serving the community."

Thirty years on, it is useful to look back on what has been achieved in this Community school. Tallaght has successfully pioneered a new type of co-ed multi-denominational school, a school situated at the heart of the local community — a community school which shares with the students a swimming pool complex and sports facilities. It is proud to have a professional, energetic and dedicated staff which is ably led and which promotes the highest standards in education, and a respect and equality among all students. This is a proud record of performance and achievement in the first thirty years of the first community school.

Gura fada buan i!