Chaplaincy Service

School Chaplaincy Service

Chaplaincy Services in Tallaght Community School

The primary responsibility of the school chaplain is to provide the spiritual support to school community in which they are based. This involves bringing a 'faith-presence' to their role in the school. The chaplain works with the staff in carrying out this role within the school community, which extends to the wider parish community.
This role varies from teaching religious education, organising prayer services/Masses, school retreats, meeting students on an individual basis, working closely with the pastoral care team in the school.
This service is student based and follows through to home and family life particularly with regard to illness, bereavement and loss. The Chaplain’s priority is to treat students with respect and dignity in all situations within and beyond the school.
Tallaght Community School has a full time chaplain.

The Chaplain will exercise their Pastoral role by

• Providing personal contact with individual students.
• By class contact
• Through Religious worship
• By maintaining an interest in extracurricular activities in the school.
• By getting to know as many individual students as possible personally

The Chaplain will exercise their Religious role by

• Ensuring the provision of liturgies and Para liturgies in the school
• Marking the major feasts that take place in the Church Year.
• Providing prayer or Meditation time with Religion Classes.

The Chaplain exercises their role in relation to meeting the needs of a Multi-Denominational student cohort by

• Acknowledging the many different faiths in the School
• By providing space in the school where all denominations are welcome
• By providing ecumenical and inter-faith services to mark times of celebration in the school
• By providing displays of the different faiths Feast Days on notice boards.

The Chaplain will exercise their role in extracurricular activities by

• By organising and being available to go on School Trips
• By supporting teachers who organise extracurricular activities
• Promoting and faciltating the participation of pupils in the John Paul 2 awards.
• By supporting Charity fundraising
• By encouraging young people to get involved in extracurricular activities.

The Chaplain will exercise their role in relation to the staff by

• Cooperating with the principal and all members of staff
• In keeping with her pastoral role will be available to the staff
• Working closely with the Guidance Counsellors, and Pastoral Care Team.
• Be a member of the Care Team and attend meetings.

The Chaplain will exercise their role in relation to Parents by

• Being available to parents
• Offering support and encouragement to parents who are in difficulty
• Being present at Parent Teacher meetings

The Chaplain will exercise their apostolic role by

• Encouraging links with the local Parish(s)
• Encouraging students to take part in the life of their Parish.
• Meeting the Parish Priest regularly
• Inviting local church leaders to take part in special School celebrations.

You can make contact with the Chaplaincy Services in Tallaght Community School by:

Phone: 01-4515566 to chat or to make an appointment for a meeting.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.