Guidance & Counselling

Guidance Department: Ms C Hilliard, Guidance Counsellor

The role of the Guidance Counsellor is to work both directly with students and in conjunction other school staff as part of a whole school approach to Guidance. Receiving referrals from: Year Heads, Teachers, Parents and Students themselves, the Guidance Department promotes and aims to enhance the support system for students within the school.

The holistic development of the student is a central tenet of the educational values of Tallaght Community School.

The work of the guidance department can be categorised into three main areas. The three areas are as follows:

Personal -
> individual counselling- helping pupils develop coping skills they can draw on as the develop and become adults.
> help with transitions as change can lead to difficulties for young people.
> referral to an outside agency.

Educational –
> assist students with choices regarding subjects and levels
> aid motivation and management learning
> showing students how to use available resources, study skills and exam techniques

Career / Vocational -
Working with students to create a plan and help them become motivated self directed learners.
> recognising the different pathways into higher education
> investigating and researching various careers
> negotiating and carrying out appropriate life choices and plans
> identify students strengths and weakness from the results of various interest and  aptitude tests
> informing students of employment opportunities