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Team Fury, in it to win it!

Team Fury

Best of luck to Team Fury at the F1 in Schools tournament on Friday 04 March, 2011!

Check out their website.

Four students from 5th year (Richard Morris, Shane Griffin, Kristopher Greene and Aodhan Collins McEvoy) under the guidance of Engineering teacher Mr. Ganly are currently taking part in an exciting competition called Formula 1 in Schools. F1 in Schools is open to all secondary schools and involves: designing and manufacturing a 1/20th scale F1 car made from balsa wood which is powered by a compressed air canister. The team members from Tallaght Community School decided on their team name and agreed it should be named Team Fury.

Each member of the team has taken up roles in the project:
* Team Manager - Richard Morris
* Design Engineer - Kristopher Greene
* Manufacturing Engineer – Aodhan Collins McEvoy
* Marketing and Communications Manager – Shane Griffin

To qualify for the competition each team must submit a five page plan covering the topics of putting a team together, designing a car, sponsorship, marketing and innovation. The team had to use this plan to show their commitment to the project, and also to show that the team was serious being part of the competition.

Pics here


To great delight of the newly formed Team Fury, they got accepted into the competition back in December by scoring a very high 85%. The team immediately started trying to improve the car because the original design was not as aerodynamic as it needed to be. To get the edge on all the other teams Team Fury got to work right away. As part of the project Team Fury set up a Facebook and Twitter page to keep fans of the team up to date on what stage we were at in the competition.


The team then had to acquire sponsorship and were very successful in receiving sponsorship from companies including Delta Autos, Red Cow Gearboxes, Al McEvoy batteries, Snickers, Premier Signs, Honda, Eurocycles & Eurobaby, and TDC Ireland. The teams main sponsors are Johnson & Johnson and Reynolds Logistics! The sponsorship these companies have given Team Fury has helped to cover the costs of buying the team uniform which the team designed with our team logo on the shirts and hats, buying wheel bearings, keyrings, stickers, business cards and also to cover the costs of the display which would be used on the day of the finals.

The team at this stage are close to finishing up designing their car and are using cosmosflow on Solid Works to wind tunnel test the aerodynamics of the car, the program allows the team to see were the car has too much drag, the team will then tweak the design to counteract the drag so the car speeds perfectly down the track (a 20 metre drag race against our opponents). We will then send the final design off to D.I.T. on Bolton Street in the city centre where they will use a 4-axis CNC router to manufacture the car.

During the past few weeks the team has done presentations for both Johnson & Johnson and REDCO (AutoDynamic, Ballymount  & Honda Ireland) the presentations will act as a good learning experience for the team as they will have to take part in a presentation on the day of the Regional Finals. The team to date has also had an article written about them in the Tallaght Echo giving the team publicity as part of the competition (another Echo interview to follow next week). 

The Regional Finals will be held in Griffith College Dublin on the 3rd and 4th of March 2011.

Visit for more details about the competition.

Finally we encourage people to join our Facebook page to support us and keep up to date with our progress. This coming week we will start running an exclusive Facebook competition for a Honda goodie pack (Jacket & Merchandise), search for ‘TeamFury Tallaght’.