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TCS' Team Fury capture the spoils!

TCS Team FurySome say that they live in a tree, and that their sweat can be used to clean precious metals... all we know is, they're called Team Fury

Team Fury took part in this year’s F1 in Schools regional finals on Friday the 4th of March.

The team's hard work paid off on the day, and they were very successful and came away very happy. Here is a full report of the day.

The team had an early 6 am start which was a first for our design engineer Kris. The team met at 7 am and hit the road early to avoid any traffic. Our short journey to Griffith College was hassle free and we arrived early! The early start later played to our advantage as we were allowed to set up our display stand early. From the get go we knew we would be pushed for time with our impressive display, but our stand was race ready within the first hour.



The team was then briefed on the plan for the day and our race car was sent for Scrutiny. Our car firstly scored 33/40 in Scrutiny but our team manager was soon to challenge this and we were awarded an extra 3 points bringing our car score to 36/40.

After Scrutiny, the team was free to talk and meet with the other teams. We got a lot of ideas from the other teams and their cars.

The racing kicked off at 10.30 am which created a lot of excitement and anticipation throughout the pit area. Team Fury Vs. Ace Racing was due to dominate the race scene at 11.20. The team chose Shane to race our car as his background in racing suggested good reaction times. Our co-driver was then decided by a quick Rock-Paper-Scissors game. The outcome was that Team Manager Richard would stand in as co-driver. The cars were taken and loaded with 8g of compressed gas! They were locked in place, the pressure was on! Cameras were set, safety switches off, triggers at the ready and the countdown began . . .
Amber... Amber.. Amber. GREEN and they're off! Team Fury won 4/4 races.

This gave the team a very good chance of progressing to the nationals.

Next up was the dreaded verbal presentation. The team had a mock presentation on Thursday with three of our teachers. This was a wake-up call and preparation for the verbal presentation went under way asap. Each member had to speak about their role on the team and was then faced with questions. Every member rehearsed their speech every chance they got.  Team manager Richard spent his lunch break in the college bathrooms rehearsing as this was the quietest place he could find...
It paid off as the presentation couldn’t have gone better. That was a huge weight of the team’s shoulders.

Next up was our portfolio presentation; this was where the most marks were rewarded. The team felt this also went really well as the judges appeared impressed and enthusiastic to learn more about the portfolio and the work that went into the 20 pages.

After all the judging and racing, we had a team tournament on the track, Richard was the favourite and all bets were placed! But with a false start he was out.. Shane took the victory on reaction times but with Aodhan's car taking the race victory!

The team felt confident and all that was left now was the results. We knew we had done the best we could and enjoyed the day.

The Results were announced! The team walked away with 2/3 awards (Best Digital Marketing & Best use of ICT and CAD) we also progressed to the National Finals.

We couldn’t have wished for a better result. The Finals will be held next month on April 7th in Griffith College.

We couldn’t have come this far without your support thanks again from Team Fury “F1 in Schools 2011 Regional Finals Winners”


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Shane Griffin
The Marketing Guy