In-school Activities

YSI 2013

On Wednesday the 24th of April, 2013 Transition Year students involved in the YSI programme held a cake/bake sale in the canteen. The cake/bake sale was held to raise money to purchase anti-bullying wrist bands.

ysi2013The YSI project is about creating an awareness and to investigate why the bully bullies. The YSI group came up with the idea of producing wrist bands and to say that we are an anti-bullying school and to also say that there is help out there for everyone.

Without the support given by the teachers/staff and students in our school, we would not have been able to raise the funds needed. We would like to give special thanks for all their support, to Mr. Keane for donating the products, Ms.Young for helping us all the way through by being our YSI co-ordinator, Donna for letting us use the canteen and helping us with the cake/bake sale, also to all the students and staff who purchased the cakes. We really appreciate all the support given as it is for a good cause.

YSI Team